Our History

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 The History of Gallagher Hospice

In 2016, Diane Karcz, RN, with the help of the other Gallagher Founders listed below, responded to and filled what she felt was a real need in the community, by establishing Gallagher Hospice. Our founders and hospice staff care deeply about their patients and families.

Patient Story

Cheryl recalls a 35-year old mother in hospice who couldn’t seem to find any relief from her pain. It was difficult finding the medications to manage her discomfort. Although she was taking medications to manage her day-to-day struggles, she was experiencing what hospice defines as “existential pain.”

She didn’t have a birthday present for her 12-year-old daughter, and that stress and distress was taking a toll. She shared these feelings with her hospice team and hospice found a way to get the patient to the store, so she could choose a gift then hospice wrapped the gift for this patient’s daughter.

Almost as soon as the gift was wrapped and ready, the patient’s pain seemed to diminish, and she died peacefully and comfortably. Moments like this – the seemingly small ones that truly have a big impact – are what make hospice services so meaningful for our patients, their families and their team.