Family Testimonials

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Grateful Families

Family Hospice Care Testimonials

We often receive heartfelt hospice care testimonials from the patients and families we serve. Below are just a few excerpts from family members and caretakers whose loved ones have found courage and comfort in our care.

Comfort and Compassion

“We appreciate the ability of each member of your team to provide comfort to mom, and support to us during one of the most difficult times in our lives.”

Making Today Better

“We are grateful for the exemplary and loving care we received from Cheryl, Barb, Shelby, Cassie and Stacy. You lifted the burden of grief from our family, and we thank you.”

Responsiveness to Patients and Families

“We are thankful for the gracious and loving care that our mother and grandmother received at Gallagher Hospice. Thank you for always being one step ahead of us and preparing for what she needed before it even came into our consciousness.”

Personalized Care

“Thank you, Dr. Campbell for your care of my aunt, and for taking the time to talk to members of her family about her care. It’s very difficult to say goodbye to such a lovely person as she, but we are all very thankful to you, and your team for such involved and sensitive care.”

Genuine Support

“Thank you to Jane, Linda, Cheryl, Bonnie, Janice and other staff for the exceptional care given to our sister, as well as their deep appreciation for the compassion and support shown to each one of us on this journey. Our experience with Gallagher Hospice was so positive; we will recommend your services to everyone!”

Comfort and Compassionate Care

“August 2, 2018:  Dear Ms. Anderson:  On behalf of my father and sisters, thank you for the phenomenal care and support your home hospice team provided for our Mother and our family.  My mother’s health had been deteriorating, but my father was resistant to have anyone but family assist him in caring for my mom.  Through the years my parents had made their wishes very clear.  They wanted to stay at home, together.  As mom’s care needs increased, and my dad’s stamina decreased, we knew, we needed help.  After consulting mom’s PCP the decision was made to consult hospice. 

Having had a wonderful experience with Gallagher Hospice at Victoria Manor for my mother-in-law, earlier this year, without hesitation we requested Gallagher’s services again.  Our biggest concern was how our father would accept the assistance of the care team.

Almost immediately our concerns began to melt away.  The admission process was compassionate.  Jane chatted with my dad, providing him with just enough information to re-assure him that mom would be in expert hands.  Rachel’s careful assessment of mom creating a holistic plan of care was very comforting.  From that day forward the process appeared to be seamless.  Equipment arrived, medications were delivered, and the care team came and went like they were a part of the family.

Josalyn, mom’s aide was cheerful and tender as she provided mom with her personal care.  She was kind and supportive of my dad and always kept us informed of any changes.  Mom’s nurse, Cassie was proactive and responsive to changes in mom’s condition.  I was in awe of her ability to prepare my dad for mom’s passing.  I will never forget her gentleness and kindness as she spoke to him.  Her interaction with him truly helped him prepare to say good bye to the love of his life.

The comprehensiveness of your service is amazing.  The healthcare partners you use, Westmoreland Medical Equipment and the Lebanon Shops Pharmacy were superb.  The on-call weekend nurse, Corey was like a miracle, making a visit to attempt to ease mom’s breathing.  He was relentless in his efforts to make her more comfortable.  His follow-up phone calls were so thoughtful and greatly appreciated.  Then there was Kellie, who arrived the morning of mom’s death giving us all loving hugs and sincere sympathy.  She was so respectful and gentle with mom.  Her presence was tremendous but not intrusive.

I want to acknowledge, Dr. Campbell’s contributions to mom’s care.  Any time, one of the nurses said they were going to consult him to ask for guidance or request an order, his responses seemed instant.  His responsiveness provided great confidence in the oversight of mom’s care.

When Kellie first saw mom, she commented how peaceful she looked.  We had thought that too.  The funeral director also made a similar observation.  We are attributing her peaceful appearance to two things:  her wish to be at home with her loved ones was honored, and she received the best possible care from a cadre of healthcare professionals who went above and beyond to care for her, and make her comfortable.

I have worked in healthcare for more than 40 years.  I have witnessed and participated in excellent service and sometimes care that wasn’t up to standard.  As an administrator, I would frequently ask my staff:  “How would you want your mother to be treated?”  Gallagher Hospice is an outstanding example of exceptional comprehensive care that everyone’s mother deserves to receive.

We are grateful and appreciative of all the members of mom’s care team.  We thank you and will never forget your kindnesses and support.  May God Bless each of you as you continue to care for others at such a sacred time in their lives.