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Gallagher Hospice Staff

TIM CAMPBELL, M.D. & Medical Director

In the mid-eighties, Dr. Campbell had his first experience with hospice care as an internal medicine intern …. and it was a life-altering one. That’s when he began to learn the importance and finesse in comforting a patient who was dying and suffering from severe pain. By treating that patient holistically, Dr. Campbell said he was able to comfort her and assist with some of her physical and emotional pain. Dr. Campbell later became one of the first physicians in southwestern Pennsylvania to become board-certified in hospice and palliative care.

Personally, and professionally, hospice care and humanitarian service have always been a part of Dr. Campbell’s life. His father and mother both passed peacefully at home on hospice care. For thirty years, he attended to his own internal medicine practice; and, like Dr. Erlanger, has extensive experience in home health, palliative and geriatric care.

Dr. Campbell has spent a great deal of time over the past few years with multiple medical missions. His volunteer medical efforts have included everything from hurricane relief and other natural disasters, to treating and caring for patients in 23 different countries. Dr. Campbell is a member of the federal government’s Disaster Medical Assistance Team (DMAT), the American Red Cross, as well as Allegheny County’s Hazmat Team and Medical Reserve Corps.

“At Gallagher Hospice, we treat and comfort the individual needs of our patients, and we also care for their families and caregivers. We focus on improving all aspects of the quality of our patient’s life. We provide comfort, not a cure; our focus is high-touch, not high-tech. I am honored to help lead this wonderful team of dedicated and compassionate hospice professionals.”

MEGHAN ANDERSON, Executive Director

A devoted healthcare and social work professional with 25 years of clinical, oncology and palliative care experience, Meghan Anderson joined Gallagher Hospice in October 2017 as our new Executive Director. Most recently, Meghan served as a director for a home-based palliative care company. Meghan’s passion for hospice began decades ago during an internship before she attended graduate school.

“My undergraduate hospice internship had such a profound impact on my career. It was at that time that I realized while you can’t change the outcome in hospice care, you can very positively change all the days leading up to it, and that it is truly a gift to care for patients at those moments in their lives. From Gallagher’s excellent reputation as incredibly responsive, to their strong clinical expertise and their unwavering commitment to compassionate, patient-centric care, I am honored to be a part of this team and contribute to this great family-based company.”

CHERYL MORRELL, R.N. & Clinical Manager

Cheryl leads and oversees the clinical nursing services and care at Gallagher Hospice. Cheryl believes firmly that the personalized care that our close-knit community provides makes a world of difference for our patients, caregivers and staff.

Our founders and our entire team are deeply committed to the patients, families and communities we serve. Our owners want to make the communities we live and work in a better place. At Gallagher Hospice, we are good neighbors.”

Along with the rest of the team, Cheryl attends bi-weekly meetings with the medical director, fellow nurses, case managers, coordinators, social workers, bereavement counselors and nursing assistants to review current patients’ and families’ needs, as well as new patients that will soon be entering their care.

“The importance of these meetings and the value they hold to our staff cannot be emphasized enough. From a logistics standpoint, our team uses this time to share best practices, personal experiences and care solutions. And from an emotional standpoint, we process and release our own grief, struggles, and emotions in an open and wholly supportive environment. We refuel.”

Cheryl knows that when employees are supported, they are in the best possible frame of mind to care for their patients and families.

“Staff resiliency is very important. We provide respite for our team. We want each member of our hospice team to know they are supported, valued and heard. And, responsiveness to our patients and their families remains our top priority. And most importantly, we always follow the road our patients lead us on. It’s their path.”

ALICE TEAGARDEN, Bereavement Counselor

Alice’s work philosophy is a true testament to Gallagher’s commitment to support our patients’ families long after the end of their loved ones’ lives. A 30-year hospice veteran, Alice knows how essential it is to remember that bereavement, spiritual and emotional guidance and counseling are not isolated needs with a linear path. They are all part of a process, and she stays by our families and caregivers’ sides throughout, providing monthly bereavement newsletters and support groups, annual memorial services, check-in phone calls to families, and holiday remembrance activities.

Alice is passionate about caring for her patients and their caregivers in a comprehensive way.

“Hospice cares for their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Every person has a unique story …. everyone’s life matters, and it is important that each person feels worthy and appreciated. When we talk with someone and find out who they are, and we care for who they are, then we can help them die.”

What Alice appreciates most about working at Gallagher Hospice is that the team is made up of genuinely good people who truly want to provide excellent and compassionate care.

“We are a small, family-owned company. We are not a large corporation. Our owners live and work here. They are accessible and are deeply committed and responsive to the needs of their patients and their families, as well as their employees.”

JANE BARTHEN, Social Worker

For nearly 40 years, Jane has been listening, supporting and caring for others. In fact, she has made social work her life calling.

“I listen closely, validate feelings, provide support and offer a hug to my patients and their families. I am honored to help them at such a vulnerable time. If I supported and made a positive difference in someone’s life or their day, then my quality of life is the highest it can be.”

Jane has extensive experience in clinical social work, as well as in oncology, nursing home and assisted living care, where she once served as an administrator. Her professional experiences in hospice care have deep personal roots.

“When I was in my forties, I lost my father and mother in the same year, and they both died in hospice care. I remember the impact the hospice social workers had on my life. Those experiences have allowed me to be very empathetic in my role as a hospice social worker, over the past 11 years.”

Jane says what she loves most about working for Gallagher Hospice is the people that she works so closely with.

“Our interdisciplinary team is outstanding. With all our different professional and personal backgrounds, we always treat our patients holistically, which enables us to provide the best care and comfort possible.

KATIE MONTANEZ, Hospice Coordinator

Katie is a versatile and talented member of the hospice team and she wears a lot of hats. From ordering supplies and equipment, to intake, billing and insurance processes, Katie is well-versed in many areas of hospice. She is also often on-call and is the first contact for patients and their caregivers.

Often times when patients or family members call Gallagher Hospice, they are in a crisis mode. It is very important that I remain calm. Their first impression is such an important one, and I want to be as supportive, compassionate, and knowledgeable as I can be. Providing comfort to others gives me great purpose in my life.”

For Katie, being empathetic to patients and their families’ needs is also incredibly important, and; sadly, that comes naturally for her. Katie lost her father in January of 2017 after his courageous battle with ALS.

When families call me upset, scared or are not certain what to do, I can relate. I try to talk them through their pain and concerns, answer their questions and then, if needed, I immediately connect them to on-call nurses or additional members of our hospice team. I also reiterate the importance of doing what the patient wants while supporting the family.”

What Katie finds especially rewarding about working at Gallagher Hospice are the people …. not only the patients and families she serves, but also her colleagues. “We are a family of employees treating families, and we always go the extra mile. In addition to our clinical or professional expertise, many of us also have our own personal hospice experiences, which allows us to be very relatable.” Katie also believes that the care and responsiveness that Gallagher Hospice provides is truly unparalleled.

“Our nurses never leave a family in crisis. Our bereavement counselors always follow-up with families. Our team will go to extraordinary measures to bring comfort and peace to our patients and their families. For example, Ben, one of our owners and another colleague, once went to a patient’s home and moved her bed into another room …. that’s going the extra mile!”