Why Gallagher?

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Why Choose Gallagher?

The Gallagher Hospice Difference

Our Pledge of Support

We develop very strong relationships with our patients, their families and caregivers by focusing on their needs and wishes and making their requests our priority. The founders of Gallagher Hospice are not just healthcare experts and professionals with excellent training and experience; they’re also sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, sisters, brothers and friends, all of whom bring a deep level of understanding to their patients from their own personal experiences with hospice.

Responsiveness is a top priority

We are available to our patients and their families 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition to providing highly-responsive care, we listen and always look for ways to provide comfort and share joy with our patients. And, when our patients need us, we are always there.

Our Philosophy of Care

It is our privilege to be invited into our patients’ and their families’ lives at such a difficult and intimate time. We focus on alleviating suffering and enhancing our patient’s quality of life through our philosophy of care that is based on the following:

  • State-of-the-art and personalized hospice service for every patient that includes a self-determined, goal-oriented method of care
  • The highest level of care that is always rooted in respect, dignity, and devotion
  • Valuable input from patients and families, with the understanding that we are in this together
  • Open and frequent communication, whether that is in-person, or through a phone call, email or text. With Gallagher Hospice, there are no “off-hours” for our families

From our first meeting until after your loved one’s final breath, we believe that a collaborative relationship helps to alleviate some of your burdens at a time when that doesn’t seem possible. Our entire team is focused on building relationships with our patients and their families that are based on mutual trust and respect. 

Our Core Values: IVA CARE

The late mother of two of our founders, Iva Gallagher, led her life by serving others.

Her compassionate and caring ways have inspired our company’s values and culture, which spell out IVA CARE.

At Gallagher Hospice, we will:

  • Identify and deliver one thing that will make today better for our patients and families
  • Value and respect our patients, families and their decisions
  • Assess but not intrude in the lives of our patients and families
  • Deliver care with Compassion, uncompromising integrity and professionalism
  • Be your Advocate
  • Respond quickly but not in haste
  • Help our patients Embrace the end of life with dignity, courage and peace